Flexcale Systems

Flexcale System (Flexcale) is leading and trusted solutions provider / vendor / system integrator specializing in High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtualization and Linux/Open Source technologies, based  in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

Flexcale believes in client satisfactory and envisions to become a reliable and trusted IT solutions provider by building & deploying high-quality, cost effective 'best-of-breed' solutions combined with an excellent after-sales technical support.

At Flexcale, we believe technology drives businesses' productivity. Find out how Flexcale Systems can assist your organization to achieve its goals :


As a trusted solutions provider, Flexcale carries high-quality, cost-effective, proven and reliable products. Rather using sales-driven approach which used by most vendors, we believe every client is unique.  We build trust & good long term relationships by delivering best-of-breed, customized solutions to achieve maximum performance with lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in solving complex IT/computational challenges faced by our clients.
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As a technology business entity, Flexcale offers reliable IT technical services to clients enable them achieving their organizational goals and growth. Additionally, Flexcale also collaborates with multinational hardware & software principals/vendors & distributors by providing critical IT deployment/implementation services to deliver turn-key, end-to-end solutions to clients.
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Flexcale offers customized, cost-effective, practical hands-on technical IT training and knowledge transfer to enhance and boost your organization IT technical skills.
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