Products & Solutions

Flexcale Systems (Flexcale) provides high quality products and solutions for the following technologies :

High Performance Computing (HPC) - Accelerate your scientific, engineering & computational application without increasing your costs. Cut down your processing time and obtain more insights. Load your in-memory database into systems which supports more memory than conventional for unpreceded 'in-memory' performance. Decrease processing time for high transaction application and get results faster. Aggregate 'off-the-shelf' servers to get more memory and CPU/cores in a single system (or Operating System).

With the right HPC system architecture (which uses commodity hardware and proven tools) specifically set-up and tuned to fit to your application requirements, you can say goodbye to costly proprietary HPC systems, and leverage on cost-effective 'off-the-shelf' HPC systems to obtain the maximum performance with minimal cost, while reducing your computational & analysis processes, accelerating application execution time, and boosting overall productivity at the same time.

Some of the products we carry includes Flexcale vSMP Foundation Server Aggregation Software/Toolkits which builds Large SMP Server (128-cores or better / 1TB RAM or better - per server), HPC/ High Throughput Cluster Systems, Cluster Management Toolkit (Flexcale Moab Cluster Suite), HPC Interconnects (Infiniband 40Gb/s), HPC Parallel/Cluster Filesystems, HPC Compilers and Libraries, Grid/HPC resource managers/job scheduler and portal, Grid Middleware, etc.


Enterprise Linux/Open Source - Thinking of deploying proven open-source based tools in your IT ifrastructure while reducing expensive yearly software cost/license at the same time? We specialize on implementing, configuring and supporting a number of leading & proven Enterprise Open Source applications for your IT infrastructure, ranging from Enterprise Linux Operating System (such as RedHat / RHEL, SuSE / SLES, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc)  to enterprise firewall/gateway, authentication/directory systems, back-end RDBMS database & application servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL) , email server solution (Zimbra) plus IT management/monitoring tools (Nagios, Zabbix).


Virtualization & Server Consolidation - Virtualization is one of server & storage consolidation methodology. Virtualization simplifies IT management by consolidating physical servers and storage devices. In addition, Disaster Recovery (DR) processes are automatically simplified and costs less than before. Additionally, what you get with virtualization is reduced Total Cost of Ownership, reduced systems downtime, increased systems utilization, productivity & outputs, and a 'greener' & 'smarter' datacenter which intelligently manage its resources such as power consumption and devices. We carry products such as VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, WMware Server and KVM.


Enterprise Clustering - Need your IT data / services (e.g Web application, Email, DNS, Database, etc) to be highly available? Looking for load-balancing solutions for your servers and network? Clustering is one of the popular solution for system high-availability & load balancing needs. We carry products such as Sun Cluster, DRBD, Heartbeat, Linux Virtual Server, MySQL Cluster and others.


Kindly contact us if you have any enquiries on any products and solutions we carry.