As an IT technical services provider, Flexcale Systems (Flexcale) offers high-quality and reliable services to our clients in the areas of High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtualization and Linux/Open Source.

Below are the main services which are offered by Flexcale :

  1. Consultation Services - Flexcale provides consultation service to clients in order to assist them in solving their current and future needs. Consultation services includes (but not limited to) providing technical advise,  requirements study and analysis, planning for proper capacity/sizing, implementation and future expansion/growth.
  2. Professional Services - Flexcale provides professional service to clients who are ready to implement the technology to support your business. Professional services includes (but not limited to) system/solution implementation, configuration, customization, tuning and optimization.
  3. After Sales Technical Support / Maintenance Services - To ensure business growth with minimal downtime,  IT systems maintenance and support is crucial. With numerous outstanding track records and good reviews from our clients, Flexcale are committed to provide your business with the necessary technical support and maintenance programme it needs.
  4. Training Services - Flexcale provides training services to our clients to promote and enhance their technical skills, knowledge and overal organizational technical image. Click HERE to learn more on our training programme.